Bring the Outdoors In: The Stylish Cork Planter Collection
Bring the Outdoors In: The Stylish Cork Planter Collection

Bring the Outdoors In: The Stylish Cork Planter Collection

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Bring a touch of nature into your home with our collection of cork planters. Made from durable and eco-friendly cork. The natural cork material provides a modern and minimalist look, while also being lightweight and easy to install. The planters are perfect for small indoor plants, herbs or succulents, creating a green and fresh ambiance in any room. Add a touch of greenery to your home with our cork planters collection.

An unique product for your plants, made from OAK tree.
A natural and sustainable solution.

Cork Planter
Exterior dimensions: 9(d) x 7,5(h) cm apprx.
Interior dimensions: 7(d) x 6,5(h) cm apprx.

Flower pots are an original way to decorate the house, as they add a natural touch to any room. The Pot for a resistant rope in Sk cork plants is made in light cork, supplied by a resistant rope with which you can combine with a different touch as an environment. The Skriv vase is an environmentally friendly piece that allows you to create charming corners in living rooms, kitchens, balconies and even bedrooms. Combine multiple designs at different heights and you will design a different personal touch and model.

For proper maintenance, we recommend dry cleaning, as cork is not a waterproof material and can deteriorate when wet.

In some cases, such as images, measurements and cores, as well as their names, are merely indicative. Everything you see on the screen can change for a variety of reasons, including ambient light calibration, preview image, etc. If the customer knows these details in detail, he should consult our technical service as returns for technical reasons are the customer's responsibility.

*the product does not include the plant.