Grisea Tote Bag - Grow From Nature
Grisea Tote Bag
Grisea Tote Bag
Grisea Tote Bag
Grisea Tote Bag
Grisea Tote Bag
Grisea Tote Bag
Grisea Tote Bag
Grisea Tote Bag

Grisea Tote Bag

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Our Grisea Tote:

It's Lightweight so your arm will feel fresh and free.

It's Waterproof so the rain won't seep in and ruin your sheets of inked poetry.

It's Sturdy so you when you are on a hardcore shopping spree you can rely on it to carry all your forages.

It's Roomy so you can fit several of your pets inside and take them on adventure... Or if you're trying to "be normal" you can put lots of normal things inside it..

It's Soft to Touch because Nature filled these amazing honeycombs with air.

It's Easy to Clean because all you need is soap and water.

It's 100% Vegan because it's made of tree-bark not animal skin.

It's 100% Eco-Friendly because when you take the bark off our trees, they grow back even stronger!

It's PETA Approved because they checked us out and said: "We like your style!".

It's Unique because it's grew on a tree. You can expect an entirely individual pattern that Mother Nature made exactly for you!

Technical Stuff:

Lining Material: Cork and Soft Fabric (100% Polyester) 

Outside Material: Cork 

We ship world-wide.

Europe: Up to 10 business days

North America: Up to 15 business days 

Australia: up to 20 business days 

Rest of the world: up to 20 business days 

Customs can sometimes delay shipping times.


*The logo is found only on the inside of the bag