Pumila Men's Wallet | Small
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Pumila Men's Wallet | Small
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Pumila Men's Wallet | Small

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Hello there Sir.

Are you planning on monopolising the sugar-cane industry anytime soon? Well then you’ll need a fine piece of apparel to store your monetary assets.

Allow me to present our Pumila Wallet:

It's Lightweight so your dollar bills will be the only thing attracting gravity.

It's Waterproof so your ink written checks will not run and ruin your linen trousers.

It's Durable because it's made out of Cork Fabric which uses a natural honeycomb cell pattern that is strong and resistant to tears. So you can take it to the summit of Mountains when you need some space to contemplate eternal truths.

It's Simple because what is simple is what wins.

It's Soft to Touch because these honeycomb cells are filled with air. So people will know you have a tender heart behind your ferocious wallet.

It's Easy to Clean because all you need is soap and water so you can keep your money clean.

It's 100% Eco-Friendly, PETA approved, and Vegan so people will know you are a noble man of moral character.

It's Unique because it's grew on a tree. You can expect an entirely individual pattern which does justice to your profound male soul.


It has 2 Compartments for Bills

It has Slots for Credit Cards

It has 1 Pocket for Coins that snaps closed

It has 2 Hidden Pockets

It Measures: Height: 3.15", 8cm Length: 8.66" , 22cm


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