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Tablet Case with Solar Panel and Power Bank by Afonso Henriques

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You need some energy? Alonso's Cork Gadget Case is the solution:

It's a Cork Tablet Case that measures: Height: 10.74"/27.3cm - Length: 8.66"/22cm - Width: 1.77"/4.5cm

It Comes With a Solar Panel (5V@1A) - a Power Bank (2600mAh) - and a USB Cable (USB 2.0 male + Micro USB)

It Easy to Use because all you do is connect the tablet to the Power Bank and go out in the sun.

It's Compatible with Tablets  that measure: 7.9" (19x12cm) and 9.7" (24x18.5cm)

It's Lightweight so you won't get tired holding it up really close to your nose to watch your breath fog the screen.

It's Protected by a two year warranty.  

It's 100% Vegan because it's made of tree-bark not animal skin.

It's 100% Eco-Friendly because when you take the bark off our trees, they grow back even stronger!.

It's Unique because it's grew on a tree. You can expect an entirely individual pattern that Mother Nature made exactly for you!

It's PETA Approved because they checked us out and said: "We like your style!"


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