Faux Leather Worker Boot
Faux Leather Worker Boot - Grow From Nature
Faux Leather Worker Boot - Grow From Nature

Faux Leather Worker Boot

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Each Faux Leather Worker Boot is handmade out of Cork Leather by one of Portugal's world famous Cobblers.

This combination of traditional artisan skill and the revolutionary fabric makes each Boot:

  •  Waterproof so you can jump in puddles.
  • As Durable as Bovine leather.
  • 100% Vegan since it's made from treebark, you can check our PETA Approval.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly since it's the only tree in the world that grows stronger when you remove it's Bark.
  • Soft to Touch and hugs your foot so you won't get any of those nasty sores that cheap plastic fabrics cause.
  • Easy to Clean because all you need is soap and water, no toxic polishes.
  • Unique because it grew on a tree. You can expect an entirely individual pattern.

Our Faux Leather Worker Boot is a favorite among our customers for it's chic style, versatility with outfits, and astounding reliability as a Shoe.


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