7 Reasons This Vegan Leather Will Be Everywhere by 2020

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Sustainability and Veganistm has taken the world by absolute storm in the last few years. This is true evidence that we are becoming a much more conscious species!

Nothing fascinates us here at Grow From Nature more than adding style to sustainability - we are an eco-fashion brand after all.

Cows leather is one of the most wasteful products we produce as humans, and we have built a company around a brilliant alternative that literally grows on trees.

This is the bark of the Cork Oak Tree.

You probably know it as the stuff that you use to plug your wine bottles... well we make handbags out of this stuff.

This Cork Fabric is literally a wonder material and it is getting an insane amount of attention from sustainability oriented entrepreneurs.

Here are 7 reasons why Cork Fabric will be everywhere by 2020!


1 - Cork Fabric is Made Without Using Dangerous Chemicals

It's a very dirty process to make Cow Leather from Cow Skin. Let's skip the gory details that are involved in getting the skin and focus on one of the most wasteful processes in all of modern industry - tanning leather.

It's a nice name, it sounds like you hang out on the beach somewhere, but what tanning really involves is a poor factory worker dipping the leather into a big bucket full of chemicals.

These chemicals often ruin the workers hands and eyes later in life, and they absolute destroy the rivers that they get poured into afterwards.

Cork Leather, on the other hand, is made with an entirely chemical free process. It is hung to dry, then it's boiled in water so it clumps together, and then it's cut into slices. Simple and clean!

2 - Cork Leather is as Light as Air

The Cork Oak tree grows in really hot climates, and it developed it's amazing bark as a protection against forest fire.

Mother Nature is genius, and she had a particularly good day when she crafted the Cork Oak tree bark.

She used her favorite shape - the honeycomb - to arrange all the tiny little cells that make up the bark. This pattern traps loads of Air inside of the bark.

This means that it burns really slowly - keeping the precious trunk safe during fires.

Many amazing side effects come from this - such as all Cork Leather products being as light as air!

So as long as you aren't carrying around too many wine bottles, your handbag will rest weightlessly on your shoulder!

3 - Cork Leather is Fireproof... (Sort Of)

Since Cork Oak tree bark was made by Mother Nature to resist fire, your Cork Leather products will be fireproof.


Sort of...

Fire resistant technically... meaning they'll burn really slowly

So this will be particularly important if you live in a hot climate and are worried that you might suddenly catch fire... because if that does happen... ehrm... your handbag will be safe...


Let's move on...

4 - Cork Leather is Waterproof... (Definitely)

Another awesome side effect is that water can't find its way through the dense honeycombed Cork Leather.

So your Cork leather wallet, shoes, and handbags will all be fine in the rain!

5 - Cork Leather is Easy to Clean

When you get those leather shoes you have to polish them (more chemicals) to keep them clean.

Not Cork Leather.

You only need to use water and soap to clean Cork Leather!

It is an amazingly easy fabric to maintain!

6 - Cork Leather is As Durable as Cow's Leather

I bet you imagine something made out of that stuff that plugs your wine bottle to be very prone to scratches and marks.

Well Cork Leather is on another level.

The way it is processed causes it to be both amazingly soft to the touch, but also incredible durable. It stands up to wear and tears as well as Cow Leather.

A Cork Leather product will last you a lifetime!

7 - Cork Leather is 100% Vegan and Sustainable

All of these amazing benefits of this wonder fabric are compounded when you find out that peeling the bark off of the Cork Oak tree is actually good for the tree.

Cork Fabric has been harvested for centuries in Portugal (where we live!) and people have noticed that when done right the trees that have their bark peeled off live longer! 

This is a true product that comes from nature as a gift! It's 100% vegan and 100% sustainable!


Cork Leather is the fabric of the future, and we here at Grow From Nature are creating the products that gives style to this amazing substance.

You will see it everywhere by 2020 and we can't wait to hear how much you love it!

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